At the cutting edge of sports innovation, SportBak® is the first connected solution allowing players of team sports to analyze their performances and compare themselves to each other. Physical, technical statistics, game influence, finally find out what kind of player you are and have fun with your profile via our app!

FutBak® is the revolution of indoor soccer. Want to know who is the best player of the match? If you are more effective in attack or defense? Who is your best partner on the field, or what is your successful passes or won duels percentage? Find out all your statistics with FutBak®.

Basketball is one of the most popular team sports in the world, and SportBak® will not stay out of the key. Be patient and soon we will score three points together!

Our product

The official Ligue 1 Ulhsport Ball (used by all professionals in France) embeds a patented move and detection sensor.

The FUTBAK LEAGUE® connected ankle pad, worn by each player, embeds a multi-sensors device, working with a proprietary wireless protocol and also patented!

The system always knows in real time where the ball is and what the players are doing with or without it!

Through your avatar, all tactical, technical and physical statistics are recorded and shown in the smartphone App!

The Team

Childhood friends,SportBak® founders met before they can walk. The common passion of soccer and team sports has given them the idea of teaming up to develop the Sportbak® concept.

Gabriel Cohen

Product Developer engineer and soccer player since his childhood, he is the team leader. Creator of the FutBak® concept, He is in charge of its realization.

Benjamin Simeoni

Data scientist and FutBak® scorer, he creates the innovative algorithms and oversees strategic and communication development.

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