Are you the top scorer, the best defender or the best player? Innovative technology for indoor soccer fans, FutBak® provides access to all your performances and the ability to remake the match... With your real statistics!

Play Soccer

Let’s discover your real value on the field and your influence on the game result with FutBak®, a new concept dedicated to indoor soccer.

Prove Yourself

Evaluate your performance and compare yourself to other players with our modern and innovative notation system!

Improve yourself

FutBak® provides physical and technical statistics for amateur players, so far reserved for professionals only : ball possession, duels, passes, shots...

Our product

The official Ligue 1 Ulhsport FutBak® (used by all professionals in France) embeds a patented move and detection sensor.

The FUTBAK LEAGUE® connected ankle pad, worn by each player, embeds a multi-sensors device, working with a proprietary wireless protocol and also patented!

The system always knows in real time where the ball is and what the players are doing with or without it!

Find all your tactical, technical and physical statistics in our FutBak® appmobile !

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Indoor Soccer Manager, Futbak is for you

Stand out from your competitors, recruit new players and increase the rental rates of your gym! Innovative concept specially designed for indoor soccer, FutBak® gives you a decisive technological advantage, in a current environment highly competitive, by increasing your customer loyalty in the long term.

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